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Mission And Motto

Morning Star St. Anselm's, Madrampura, Jaipur, is one of the many Christian Minority Schools run by the Gyan Deep Education Society of Jaipur and is under the management of the Diocese of Jaipur.

It is situated in Madrampura, Phagi Road, Sanganer, Jaipur and aims at imparting a sound, intellectual, physical and moral education to the students both boys & girls.

The school is running successfully with the mission of educating the citizens of India and gives a helping hand towards the development of our nation. We aim at giving emphasis on every activity such as academics, Physical Education, Computer Education and giving importance to the psychological and spiritual development of the students giving utmost priority to character building. The school caters to the multidimensional faculties of the child.  The school has also laid special emphasis on Formative and Summative Assessments. Co-scholastic activities are also given equal importance to help the child in creative learning in all spheres of education such as music, dance, painting, art, theatre, information technology, NCC, etc.


Life in this contemporary world seems to be persistently coaxing a student to be proficient in all fields. Our school aims at inculcating prodigious knowledge to our students and make them equipped with life skills and be effectual in dealing with real life situations. We believe that the unswerving efforts of our management and teachers will help the students to live a life of fruition and vanquish the darkness of ignorance by instilling wisdom in the little minds.

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