Goals and Objectives

1. **Environment**: To create an environment conducive to the integrated development of mind and body, heart and soul.

2. **Represent**: To inculcate social and community awareness so that the students grow up to be compassionate, responsible and patriotic citizens.

3. **Describe**: To encourage students to acquire self-knowledge and venture on the path of self-realisation.

4. **Convey**: To provide conceptual mastery of the curriculum, imbibing creativity, imagination and analytical thinking process.

Our Vision|Our Mission

1. Envisioning to attain excellence beyond traditinal boundaries, embodying a tranformative commitment to Enlighten, Empower and Develp Holistically every learner by trusting in the power of the Almighty God and to obtain sucess and glorify the Creator of His benevolence.

2. Morning Star St.Anselm's School stands as a becon, committed to Shedding Light to Ignite the Minds with the radiance of knowledge to create a dynamic learning environment where curiosity is kindled and students are inspired to explore the vast realms of Knowledge and Wisdom.