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Approach to Learning

The learning culture in our School imbibes is rooted in inculcating an independent, creative, enterprising value system in young minds, so that they can grow up to become world-citizens. The essential topography of our educational approach is summed up as:
a. Aimed at completely holistic nurturing of students.
b. Driven with zestful spirit of inclusive learning experience for students as well the parent-community through inclusion and active involvement in the learning process.
c. Based on elemental pattern of “Diversity, Discipline and Dedication”
d. A transparent and purposeful stance that permits “enablement of education” in all spheres of both academic and extra-academic domains.
e. An integrated model for fostering most benign core values of collaboration, cooperation and capability in students..
f. A student failing twice in the same class must discontinue his studies in the school.

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Student Support

For efficient propagation of learning values, having a robust support system is mandatory. The support system that we provide to students is based on counseling through interaction. The multiple features of our support system are:
a. Understanding of individually specific needs of each student.
b. Meeting the expectations of students and parents through individual attention to each student.
c. Giving a diverse atmosphere where the career and learning support system is vibrant.
d. Working on particular areas of improvement separately with each student.
e. Expert guidance for further learning development and career options.
f. Collaboration with other institutes for mutual exchange of support structures.


Kindergarten objectives encompass a broad spectrum of developmental goals aimed at nurturing young children's physical, cognitive, emotional, creative and growth.

Primary School

Primary school objectives are designed to provide a comprehensive educational foundation for children in their formative years, typically spanning from ages 5 to 11.

Secondary School

Secondary school objectives aim to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.