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Admission 2024-25


1. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and abilities.
2. Admission is open to all students meeting age-appropriate criteria for each grade level.
3. For admission to LKG (Lower Kindergarten) the minimum age requirement is 3 years, for HKG 4 years (as on April 1st of the School year) and the corresponding age scale is fixed for the succeeding classes.
4. To initiate the admission process, parents/guardians are required to fill the application form available at the school's administrative office.
5. The following documents are required for admission along with the application form:
 • The original and an attested Photostat copy of Birth Certificate from the Municipal Council.
 • Photocopy of Aadhar Card of the parent and the student.
 • Passport-sized photographs of the child.
 • Previous school records and academic transcripts (if applicable).
6. As part of our commitment to ensure a suitable academic environment for each student, an entrance assessment will be conducted. The assessment is designed to gauge the student's proficiency and determine the appropriate grade level.
 • Once the application process is complete, including assessments and interviews, the parents/guardians will be notified of the admission decision in a timely manner.
7. After the admission, no change in the name of the student and the parents or other details will be entertained.


1. Admission to Class XI is in accordance with the guidelines and norms laid by CBSE.
2. Students are admitted to the school on the basis of merit and availability of seats. The school reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without assigning any reason. Application for the admission to the school must be on the prescribed form appended to the prospectus.
3. The school offers the following streams:
 -Science Stream
 -Commerce Stream &
 -the Humanities Stream
4. Claim for stream: If an Applicant claims to take specific stream/particular optional or main subject despite of non-eligibility, he has to fulfill the required criteria for it. However, the decision of the School management will be final in such cases.


1. Withdrawal from the school will be considered on a written request for the same by the parent or guardian of the child to the Principal at a calendar months’ notice. (Oral information shall not be entertained).
2. Fees for full semester inclusive of vacations has to be paid, whatever be the time of withdrawal during the academic year. School leaving Certificate will be issued after full & final settlement of accounts/dues and clearance certificates from the concerned authorities.
3. Those who leave the school in May must pay the fees for June.
4. Transfer or withdrawal certificate will not be issued until all dues of the school are settled.
5. Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds.
 A- Disciplinary
 B- Unsatisfactory progress in scholastic and co-scholastic areas.
 C- Not promoted to next higher class for two years. As a rule only those students will be retained on the roll of the school who can take the school leaving examination under 18 years of age.


The School reserves the right to expel students whose diligence or progress in studies is considered unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students. Immorality, insubordination or contempt of authority and breaking bounds are always sufficient reasons for being expelled or rusticated immediately.

1. Parents are urged not to change the phone/mobile number in a session. If at all there is a change in the address or phone/mobile number, the information should reach the school immediately through the Principal.
2. Parents must ensure that the mobile number given is functional in order to facilitate communication.
3. Parents must check the school website periodically in order to remain updated with the school activities.
4. Children, when sick, should not be sent to school to attend tests/classes.
5. Leave for family functions, marriages, festivals etc, are to be sanctioned with prior written application from the principal. In case of any long leave on medical grounds, parents must submit medical certificate to the school along with an application.
6. Every student must ensure that s/he fulfills the required 75% of attendance during the academic year.
7. Students other than the medical conditions must avoid going home during school hours. Parents are requested to avoid making any social engagements or medical appointments during school working hours.
8. Leave for 1/2 day should not be asked for security reasons. On emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal and the class teacher and the transport in-charge should be informed accordingly. Students will be handed over to the parents only.
Anybody who comes to take the student must fill the Performa available at the school office.


1. Every student must carry the school diary and ID card daily to school. In case of loss of diary or ID card, s/he must buy a new one from the school office.
2. Parents are free to avail school bus facility for transportation of their wards. Students who come to school by their own transport, should arrive at school before the FIRST BELL.
3. The bell before the assembly is a signal for the students to go for the assembly. As soon as they are back in their classes, the students should get their books ready for the first period. They should maintain perfect discipline.
4. Change of classrooms between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.
5. Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The school uniform should be worn on all working days and for all school functions. Students who are not in proper uniform will not be allowed to enter their classrooms.
6. Students must make every effort to speak in English during the school hours.
7. Other than text books or library books, no mobile phones, electronic gadgets etc. should be brought to school without the Principal's permission. Bringing objectionable literature to the school may also lead to severe disciplinary action.
8. Lending or borrowing money or any article is not permitted.


P.T.M and Open Days are scheduled into the school calendar with the philosophy that, time to time, effective interaction between teachers and parents will enable to bring about a holistic development of personality of the students. It is compulsory for all parents to attend these meetings to discuss the progress of their wards.