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St. Anselm Our Patron Saint

When the Capuchin Fathers decided to open a school in Ajmer in 1904, they decided to name it 'St. Anselm's School' after an ancient Saint of the tenth century, with his motto 'DEO AMABILES ET HOMINIBUS', which means 'Be lovable to God and to all human beings'.
We too have chosen this Saint to be our Patron because he was not only an intellectual Saint of his time but also the most holy, humble and simple person. St. Anselm was born in Aosta in the Italian Alps. His mother was a good and a pious woman. From her he learnt his first lessons in love and charity. At a young age he decided to become a monk and dedicate his life to God. Soon his superiors discovered his intellectual abilities and he was made an Abbot against his will. His fame having spread far and wide, the king of England invited him to be his counselor. Having served the king, Anselm intended to return to his country but the king begged him to be the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Anselm refused the honour but he was literally forced to take up the job on popular demand and was consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury on 4th December 1093. But St. Anselm refused to give into the evil designs of the king and for this he suffered a great deal. He always did what was right and what was useful to other people. He was the greatest intellectual of his times. Besides, he is hailed as the father of the Scholastic Theology.

His chief achievement in Philosophy was the Ontological Argument for the existence of God put forth in his famous thesis ' Prosologium' in which he affirmed "God is that than which nothing greater can be thought”. We hope that under the patronage of this great Saint, the students imbibe his intellectual zeal for truth and his moral teachings to make them proficient in wisdom and develop a sound character.